Edon Heights

Private capital for funding small and large businesses.

Who are we?

Edon Capital is a private capital firm that provides capital to small and large businesses.

Mission Statement
Our goal is to provide funding for the construction industry and building automation technologies. We have a great interest in building developments, environmental technologies that can benefit countries, cities and communities.

Edon Heights Communities

The focus of Edon Heights is on small and larger projects that can make a big difference in their local communities. 

Our aim is to uncover projects that will improve the quality of life and living standards of
communities around the globe.
With Sustainability & Eco-Friendly Developments firmly on the world-wide agenda, Edon Heights
aims to contribute positively to the world and the planet we live on. Pie in the sky for some; a real intent for others.

Lets Work Together

Company Management

At Edon Heights we believe that it is important we take an active role with the projects that we invest in.

A Passive Funder
When we deem that a company or a project is self suffiicient, it is possible we may shift away from the role of an active funder.

Active Funder
When we fund a new project or company, we require that we install a Company Manager for the purposes of providing success for our private funds and contibuting to a improving communities.


Company . Manager . Staff

Edon Heights will provide the relevant human resources to ensure your project is a success. This will be achieved by ensuring we fully understand your project and its intent. This will take the form of a Company Manager and Department Level staffing.

Blue Print

Planning is key to sucess!

Global Funding

Our goal is to provide funding across the globe working with other  veritable funding partners. 

Our funding partners have companies and projects that align themselves to making a difference in their local and international markets and communities.

Our projects can benefit our funding partners, their companies and projects thereby providing a new ecostream of global business by working collaboratively.

Here are a some examples:

Edon Heights has a construction company that is builiding a city in England and our funding partner has materials that are required  for the building company to build the city.

Another example:

Our funding Partners  may require software and management services that may be provide from Edon Heights company  and/or project.

Edon Heights and its staff have relationships with Financial Institutions. Our goal is to provide our projects and businesses with banking services from the banks that we currently do business with.

Bank Liquidity

Small banks may not have the ability to handle large transactions. Therefore we are happy to pledge a portion of our deposits to shore up the financial balance sheet of a small bank. 

Small banks may have different regulations that require unique solutions for banking liquidity. 


Edon Heights provides technical expertise and IT Solutions to ensure success for Edon Heights and Funding Partner  projects.